Mike Jacobs has the background, experience, and the established commitment to continue serving our community as a Shoreline School Board Director. During his tenure, the District has focused on achieving equity for all students, diversifying staff, placing staff members in roles as equity leads in each building, begun a dual language program, and implemented fully inclusive early learning.The District is financially stable and has constructed two high schools, the Edwin Pratt Early Learning Center, and is constructing two middle schools and an elementary school.The projects are on budget and on time.


As the longest-tenured school board director, Mike Jacobs has overseen the revival of the historically successful Shoreline School District, and kept it on a forward-moving path. With a focus on true equity for students, all children are given the opportunity to succeed.

Board of Directors Accomplishments during Mike’s tenure include:

  • Secured Financial stability

  • Constructed two new high schools

  • Constructed the Edwin Pratt Early Learning Center

  • Completing construction of Parkwood and Cascade K-8 schools

  • Constructing new middle schools — Kellogg and Einstein

  • Established Equity and Diversity as true core values, including:

    • Hiring a Director of Equity and Family Engagement

    • Establishing Race and Equity Policies

    • Implementation of Race and Equity Training

    • Implementation of Equity Policies, which include LGBQT policies and Training for staff and students

    • Implementation of all-inclusive early education

    • Overcoming bias in identifying highly-capable students, with broad-spectrum testing and measurements for students K-12, increasing access to HICap programs in local neighborhood schools

  • Structured and fortified the District’s approach to conservation and environmental protection, including:

    • Hiring a supervisor to coordinate programs district-wide

    • Have solar power in use at Parkwood and coming online at Einstein and Kellogg

    • Have infrastructure for solar panels at both high schools for use when funding is available

    • Supported nine schools to build fully-functioning composting programs

    • Installed motion-activated lighting and converting to more-energy-efficient lighting whenever possible

    • Installed no-idle signs in areas commonly used for pickup/drop-off

We have done much to create an inclusive, accepting, respectful, and high-achieving school district. However, we have more to do. We must close the achievement gaps and ensure that all students, regardless of race, socio-economic status, gender and gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, language, religion, or ability, have the opportunities, means, and tools to succeed in school, and in life.

A record which speaks for itself

in a district producing results in the form of successful young adults

with roots running deep, creating futures that flourish. 

Re-elect Mike Jacobs